Gabriel Testimony

How did you come to Japan? – I came to study Japanese so that I can get into a Japanese university.

How did I find OCF? – I just came to Japan and knew no one except a few of my father’s colleuges who lived far away. That is when a good sister in my church introduced me to OCF and its members.

How did OCF impact your life? I was a total stranger when I first came to Japan. Almost all of the members of the church I went to are Japanese and I wasn’t able to grow more spiritually despite the interpretations provided by the church. Luckily here in OCF, I finally felt like myself, able to converse comfortably with my usual character instead of a more reserved persona I usually show in Japan. What’s more I got to interact with many people from many countries, of course, including Japanese. With this, I’m able to be more relaxed even if I’m interacting with someone from a different country than mine. Also, I’m able to get in touch with the Lord my God, growing more spiritually and realizing an opportunity to help those who are also struggling the first few weeks they came to Japan as I had been. I can’t thank God enough for all the preparations he has done for me prior to coming here to Japan so that I can not only adapt to the Japanese culture, but also be a part of an international Christian fellowship. To those who have even the slightest uneasiness of coming to Japan, let us help you discover this country and be a part of your new life here.