Kristine Testimony

Hello! My name is Kristine and I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sophia University I’m Tokyo, Japan. I am a Filipino-American who calls the island of Guam home.

How did you become a Christian? I was blessed to be born and raised in a Pentecostal Christian background. My parents taught and raised me and my siblings in love, care and with the knowledge of the Bible. Despite being raised in such a background, I never really personally accepted Christ as my Lord and savior. I knew all about him, but I never had a personal encounter that fully made me surrender my life to him. I’ve opened myself to things that controlled my life, things that are sinful and is unpleasing to God even though I call myself a Christian. I wanted to be accepted by the world and God. I can’t seem to choose. I’ve seen people attain true joy and contentment with Christ. I’ve envied them, and sometimes I’ve joined them and tried to be like them. But no matter how righteous I could make myself seem, deep inside I’m lost and empty. My so called religious life as a teenager was filled with ups and downs, ins and outs until finally I was tired of playing the church game. It’s either I’ll surrender my life fully or not at all. I remember being desperate in seeking God and asking him to meet me and help me. I reached a break through during my senior year in my undergraduate year during a trip in the Philippines. God showed himself true, faithful and that He loved me before I loved Him. That love is perfect and that love is Christ. The savior who died for a worthless sinner like me. The king who gave His all to reconcile me to God. And even now I feel compelled to serve and make his name and love known!

How did you come to Japan?

How did you find OCF? It was the first months in my first semester in Sophia University and I remember wanting to join a club. I’ve also been praying for God to lead me to the right people and good friends. Then I walked pass by the bulletin board and found the poster for a Christian campus ministry/club called KGK. I emailed them and that’s when I started joining their Japanese bible studies. Then I was connected to Kaori, who led me to OCF. God is really faithful! I still think back to that day and how God lead me. It’s grace!

How did OCF impact your life? OCF has connected me to people around the world with the same heart for Christ and the same struggles as a foreign student/foreigner here in Japan. I was scared and worried. I have many questions such as, what if I can’t find a people to connect with? Who could I be accountable to? Will I be alone? I arrived in Narita alone, and I find my fears realized. It is hard to find a community to belong, not to mention a Christian community. But I thank the God for leading me to KGK, to Kaori, and then Kamata-san and his ministry. I feel like it was God orchestrating and making me meet the people I needed to. God will never leave you alone. He has a people waiting to receive you! The OCF have become important friends and family to me. And I hope we become family to you as well!