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Overseas Christian fellowship Japan

What is OCF?

OCF stands for the Overseas Christian Fellowship in Japan.  It is an international evangelical christian fellowship based in Tokyo Japan. It began with a few overseas Christian students about fifty years ago and has been working to welcome people from all over the world and to make their lives in Japan richer and more meaningful, especially through introducing Jesus Christ.  Since its beginnings, OCF has worked closely with KGK, a Japanese evangelical campus ministry. http://www.kgkjapan.net/

OCFは、Overseas Christian Fellowship (クリスチャン留学生会)の略です。OCFは、50年ほど前に少数のクリスチャン留学生から始まり、以来世界中から来た人たちの日本での生活が、特にイエス・キリストとの出会いを通して、より豊かで意味のあるものになることを願って活動しています。またはじめの頃から、KGKという日本の学生伝道団体と協力して働いてきました。

What we do?

We usually gather every last Saturday of the month in Tokyo. Our meetings may include dinner, interesting Bible discussions & talks and time of prayer and sharing. We also organize fun activities such as camps and picnics through which you may make friends with Japanese Christians too.



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